How are things in your Yoga biz?

Loving it?

Full classes?

Enjoying sharing inviting content on social media?

Website calling in new students each week?


Perhaps you need some extra support from me!


I've just opened 12 90-minute intensives and there are still 10 left.

You can learn all about it here:

We will work together in a ninety minute intensive to:

  • Clarify the true level of abundance you desire from your Yoga biz and create a super-simple and do-able plan to achieve it.

  • Eliminate the Chaya (shadow) in your pricing, scheduling and class offerings so your business model makes sense and is in alignment with your desired lifestyle.

  • Determine the two best social media platforms for your business so you’re not spreading yourself too thin and can show up in a confident and empowered way online.

  • Map out your messaging and marketing so you’re clear on what to do and how to do it to attract the perfect students to your unique offerings.

  • Dissolve blocks and barriers and correct mindset misalignments so you’re actually ready to receive money in your Yoga biz!

If this feels good to you, head over to this page and reserve your place!

And now on top today's free Yoga biz training:


PS: Let's work together to make your Yoga biz make money.

Collect your 1:1 with me here.