Want to know a secret?

My first Yoga photoshoot was SUCH a terrifying DISASTER that the photographer actually called me after and gave me the number to a suicide hotline.

No sh!t.

That actually happened.

And it's because I was SO freaked and triggered and got almost ALL of it seriously wrong-town.

Because just in this past week three Yoga teachers in my community have asked questions about prepping for their Yoga photoshoot...

... I thought I'd better do a podcast on it!

If the idea of having a professional photographer take your pic terrifies you...

If you're not sure how to prepare to make the most of your photoshoot investment...

If you want to get clear on your role in the photographer/client relationship…

Then have a listen.

PS: I'm in Byron Bay at the moment studying with one of my teachers.

Yesterday I had the blessing of an impromptu lunch (#veganburgers!) with Sam, who came on the Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat last month.

Over turmeric latte Sam and I were chatting about the goals she set on retreat. She told me that she was having a video conference with some of the other retreat participants to check in with each other 30 days on.

We also chatted about her coming along to the January retreat as well!

My Abundant Yoga Teacher Retreat truly is a powerful and potent week of celebrating all of you: the Yogi, the business owner, the person.

It's where lasting friendships are formed.

Where you can be a student again.

Be inspired and motivated AND inspire and motivate others.

We are now half full for the January 2019 Retreat (and that doesn't include Sam!)